domenica 8 marzo 2009

Client torrent "R3282"

I found on the uTorrent forum this post
"... I found a peer with a special client named R3282-1.38a-cdf25c and asking 250 requests to my client, although my UL was capped to 30 kB/s for this torrent! ..."
Here is my answer
"ULS-3282 is an box that can support an HD max 1500Gb.
It is possible connect to PC via LAN Ethernet or USB.
It offers a built-in server FTP, SAMBA, BitTorrent Client, printer Server, etc.
Ir can open 8 sessions contemporanelly!
It is sold in Poland, but I found many BitTorrent clients in Italy.
My uTorrent client see it as "R3282-1.33 xyz" where xyz are strange characters, probably they are characters used in the Poland's language.
lumenlux "

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